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Our album Better Off Deaf is available on Amazon, iTunes, or by contacting us to purchase a physical copy

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We've produced a number of albums in our time (7 to be exact), and they're all listed here. If you'd like to purchase any of the CDs below, email us and we'd be happy to ship it to you.


Better Off Deaf (2008)

1) Hip to Be Square  Huey Lewis and the News
2) Stacy's Mom  Fountains of Wayne
3) High and Dry  Radiohead
4) Chicago  Sufjan Stevens
5) No Rain  Blind Melon
6) Tainted Love  Soft Cell
7) Thunder Rolls  Garth Brooks
8) Rocket Man  Elton John
9) Burning Love  Elvis Presley
10) It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday  Boyz II Men
11) Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  The Animals
12) Debra  Beck

Available on Amazon and iTunes!

Wasted Talent (2004)

1) I Wanna Sex You Up Color Me Badd
2) Jesse's Girl  Rick Springfield
3) Bungle in the Jungle Boogie  Jethro Tull/Kool and the Gang
4) Faithfully  Journey
5) Walking in Memphis  Marc Cohen
6) Livin' on a Prayer  Bon Jovi
7) Higher and Higher  Jackie Wilson
8) Nkotb in da Hizzouse  New Kids on the Block
9) Alison  Elvis Costello
10) Sukiyaki  4PM
11) Take Me Home Tonight  Eddie Money/Ol' Dirty Bastard
12) Run Around  Sue Dion and the Belmonts
13) Say Goodbye (Live Splash '01)  Dave Matthews Band
14) Smooth Criminal  Michael Jackson
15) Comfortably Numb  Pink Floyd


Blatant Copyright Infringement (2000)

1) Barbie Girl
2) Video Killed the Radio Star
3) Jenny (867-5309)
4) Say Goodbye
5) Die Without You
6) Ball & Chain
7) Space Oddity
8) Come Dancing
9) Heard It Through the Grapevine
10) Goodlove
11) Wicked Game
12) I Will Survive
13) Long Train Running
14) Eye of the Tiger
15) It's No Good
16) Heavy Cloud No Rain
17) Gorditas
18) And She Was


4th and 10 (1995)

1) Jackass Ginger
2) No One is to Blame
3) Something
4) Wear My Wring Around Your Neck
5) Dust in the Wind
6) Prologne de Piscis
7) Under the Sea
8) Pressure
9) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
10) Fortress Around Your Heart
11) Take On Me
12) Waiting Faithfully
13) Ev'ry Breath You Take
14) Blister in the Sun
15) True Companion
16) R.E.M.edley
17) Thriller

On the Rocks (1993)

1) Gimme Some Lovin'
2) Steam
3) Take Me Home
4) Momma, Look Sharp
5) Birthday
6) Wonderful Tonight
7) I'm a Believer
8) Hazard
9) Lean on Me
10) Supermedley
11) Just Like You
12) You're My Best Friend
13) Annie Laurie
14) Cold As Ice
15) The Daze of Christmas
16) Late in the Evening
17) Comfortably Numb
18) You Can Call Me Al
19) Bohemian Rhapsody

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