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Want to join the league of extraordinarily fine young gentlemen that make up the Pikers? The time has come. We will be hosting auditions on Friday September 1st, Saturday September 2nd, and Sunday September 3rd in Eliot House Seminar Room.

1) Sign up for an audition by clicking the link above, or by signing up in person at the ACAC Info Session on August 29th or the Ice Cream Social on August 31st.

2) When you sign up for an audition, we will give you a questionnaire that you should complete and bring at your scheduled time. Signed up online or need an extra copy? The link is above.

3) The audition itself will last about 15 minutes. We know auditions can be scary, but don't worry; here is exactly what will happen:
          Warmup: get your vocal chords ready, show us your vocal range, and get rid of the nerves
          Tonal Memory: our music director will play a few notes on the piano and you will sing them back to us
          Solo: sing a solo you have prepared, preferably about 30-45 seconds long
          Pikers Audition Exam: we will administer the extremely scientific and not at all silly Pikers Audition Exam

4) Soon after completing all auditions, we will post (online and at Bears Den) a list of people who have been called back for a second audition. If you make the callback list, your time will be coordinated with the other groups to make sure no one has two callbacks simultaneously.

Why should I join the Pikers?

We've been around for 30 years, we're good at what we do, and we have an awesome time doing it. In fact, there is an old Kenyan proverb: "Every time someone doesn't join the Pikers, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks a puppy." You wouldn't want to hurt a poor, innocent puppy, would you?

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