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Q: What are the Pikers?

A: We are an all-male a cappella group, and the oldest a cappella group at WashU, founded in 1985. All of us share a common love for music, though we come from many backgrounds - some of us having extensive prior musical experience, and others little to none. Regardless, we come together to sing, and whether it's at a sorority gig or our annual campus concert, Jammin' Toast, we constantly strive to be the most enjoyable and exciting a cappella group on campus. And the most ridiculous. We're very good at that.

Read more about us in this great StudLife article, and check out some old Pikers history here and here.

Q: What is a "Piker"? That's such a weird name.

A: Really? You don't know what a piker is? Have you been living under a rock or something?

...supposedly the word "piker" has its roots in the 1904 World's Fair, which took place in our very own St. Louis. Back then, the area where the World's Fair entertainers performed was known as the pike, and hence those entertainers were commonly known as "pikers."

Q: How were the Pikers founded?

A: That depends on who you ask...

Q: How do I see you guys in action?

A: We perform throughout the year, mostly on campus. Check out our gigs page for updates on upcoming gigs and concerts to catch us at next.

Or if you just can't wait for our next public appearance, hire us for a private show! Send an email to with the event details and in no time you'll have your Piker fix. Have we mentioned you can also buy one of our CDs and listen to us whenever you want?

Q: What's in a typical Piker year?

A: As a brief overview: our year starts with dormstorming through the freshmen dorms, followed by auditions at the beginning of the fall semester. After that, we have multi-weekly practices and performances throughout the semester, all leading up to our annual concert in January, Jammin' Toast, which is something you definitely should not miss.

Throughout the spring semester we perform a number of smaller gigs (and for as many sororities as possible) before Green Eggs and Toast, our annual Spring combined concert with the lovely Greenleafs a cappella group.

Q: How can I become a Piker?

A: DON'T DO IT, RUN WHILE YOU STILL CA We hold yearly auditions at the end of August, and students of all years are welcome to try out (we've taken multiple upperclassmen before). It would also help if you got to know us: feel free to introduce yourself at any time. We promise, most Pikers don't not bite.

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