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The Pikers: A History

It began on a cool December night, after the moon had waned but before the sun rose; a lone figure stood beneath the halo of a street lamp on a deserted intersection in the middle of a sleeping city. The next five minutes passed as the last five had passed. He stood there staring down the blackened roads with yellow lines that disappeared into the blackened sky.

In the distance he could see figures coming down the street, watching them pass under street light after street light as they approached. The Pikers had arrived.

The man led them through a hallway and down the stairs towards a stage, the sound of a restless, eager crowd growing louder with each step. The Pikers gather in the wing of the stage, listening to the emcee introduce them to attentive ears.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a group with sounds so melodic that they could calm a raging storm. Their harmonies are so harmonious that heaven itself pauses to listen. With blend so perfect that you would swear that there was only one voice on stage. Ladies and Gentleman, in all my years of music, of all the days in my life, I have never met a group that I would rather introduce to you now. They may look like mere college students, but the raw emotion they put in their songs would have you believe they have each lived one thousand lifetimes. If I could hear but one sound for the rest of my life, it would be the sound of their first chord striking the air as it resonates from the edge of their lips, through my ear and into my heart. They are all different men, each with their own other activities, histories and dreams, but tonight, you will witness the phenomenon of one group, one consciousness, one sound. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Washington University Pikers."

As the thunderous applause grew into a brilliant cacophony of excitement and anticipation, the Pikers took the stage. They gathered together, the pitch pipe blew, the crowd fell silent, the group took a collective breath...and the show began.

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