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Featuring: The Mosaic Whispers and The Greenleafs

January 24th and 25th, 2013 at 7:30 pm in Brown 100

Rarely does the union of breakfast goods occur in a manner so divine that the figurative doors of Washington University open in the most inviting of ways. But behold, for The Washington University Pikers present the spectacle that is JAMMIN' TOAST 2014, a celebration of both artistic perfection and 25 years of a cappella on the WashU campus. May you join us for an evening of musical virtuosity, tantric dance and rapturous comedy so undulating that not even the WashU bubble could stay closed.

Tickets are available the week of January 20th:
               1) at the DUC: Tuesday-Friday 11 AM to 2PM
               2) at Bear's Den: Tuesday-Thursday 6 PM to 8 PM

Tickets are $8 for WashU students, and $10 for the general public. You can also get them at the door on the night of both shows but, come on...

Want to perform with us?
If you're from another group outside of WashU and want to perform at Jammin' Toast, email us! We're always looking for new groups to perform with, and we promise to show you around St. Louis and throw a campus-wide celebration in honor of all the groups and pretty much anyone else who feels up for a party.

Who We've Performed With in the Past:
2012: Michigan State Ladies First
2010: Michigan State Ladies First
2008: U of Illinois Rip Chords
Northwestern Purple Haze
2003: U of Michigan Compulsive Lyres
U of Wisconsin Tangled Up in Blue
2002: Penn State Pennharmonics
2001: Tufts University Jackson Jills
2000: Hamilton College Buffers
U of Illinois Rip Chords
1999: Stanford Everyday People
UPenn Off the Beat
1998: Tufts Amalgamates
Brown University Chattertocks
1997: Tufts Bezzlebubs
UPenn Off the Beat
1996: Tufts Amalgamates
Carlton College Knights
U of Illinois No Strings Attached
1995: UPenn Off the Beat
Stanford Fleet Street Singers
1994: Brown University Derbies
Vassar Measure for Measure
1993: Yale University Spizzwinks
U of Illinois Other Guys
1992: Oberlin Obertones
Trinity After Dark
1991: Bucknell Bison Chips
Duke Pitchforks
1990: Haverford Humtones
Dennison Hilltoppers
1989: UPenn Pipers
MacAlaster Sirens
MacAlaster Traditions
1988: Michigan Friars
Rochester Yellowjackets

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