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Meet the Pikers
Or if you're feeling particularly adventurous, meet our Alumni

Mac Slone
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Voice Part: Baritone
Class of 2016 - Major(s): "getting" his MBA
Minister of Facebook

Rather than sing in his audition, Mac cracked mean-spirited jokes about every single member of the group, reducing F***face to tears. While this endeared him to the Pikers, they did not decide to admit him until he revealed that he had a car and was willing to ferry them to and from Steak 'n Shake. When Mac isn't writing for StudLife, he enjoys keg stands, looking like he doesn't quite belong in the background of photos, and trying to figure out what "The Move" is for the night.

Lucas Kesselman
Hometown: Westport, CT
Voice Part: Baritone
Class of 2018 - Major(s): Systems Engineering
Minister of New Guys

Lucas' entrance into the Pikers marked the end of an impressive powerlifting career. WashU's politically conscious student body inspired him to become a vegan, after which he was unable to keep up his 12,000 calorie/day and subsequently lost a staggering 75% of his body's muscle mass. Miraculously, Lucas has maintained the strength in his forearms which he a bit too forcefully asserts is a result of his side career of playing professional Super Smash Bros and not due to other wrist related pursuits.

Jacob Lee
Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Voice Part: Baritone
Class of 2018 - Major(s): Chinese, Marketing
Minister of Pitch

Jacob is part student and part musical robot: he auditioned for the Pikers by singing every single note on the piano perfectly - and all at once. When the Pikers asked him to sing the notes separately he stated that "our locations in time exist on a spectrum" and that he didn't "appreciate our cis-temporal microaggressions." Jacob has an unhealthy and perhaps unprofessional obsession with eggplants.

Nate Graham
Hometown: Madison, WI
Voice Part: Baritone
Class of 2018 - Major(s): Political Science, Environmental Biology
Minister of State

Nate is a member of the People Enjoying Nature's Incredible Splendor club (also known as Beta Theta Pi), which involves spending extensive amounts of time in trees while contemplating the meaning of life. When he's not off the grid, Nate spends his time mindlessly eating and trying to convince the Pikers to sing Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid, or the Dirty Heads. He is also a nudist, environmentalist, and socialist - in that order.

Michael Hyun
Hometown: Seoul/Minnesota
Voice Part: Tenor
Class of 2018 - Major(s): Psychology
Minister of Holy S*** How Did He Hit That Note?

Michael pilfered his vocal cords from the cryogenically preserved corpse of Freddie Mercury which, in addition to giving him a fifteen octave range and a flamboyant stage persona, also made him a fervent Zoroastrian. This last bit doesn't have a significant impact on Michael's life, but it still weirds out everyone else when he refers to cigarettes as "great fire stick of Zarathustra." Unlike Freddie Mercury, however, Michael did not die of AIDS.

Jeremy Shapiro
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Voice Part: Tenor
Class of 2019 - Major(s): Physics
Minister of Cash Money Flow

Jeremy's favorite restaurant is Beta Frattoria. Unfortunately, Jeremy was banned for life from said restaurant after found having intimate relations with the chef's daughter on the chef's own personal bed. He often misses Pikers rehearsals because he is napping or hammocking with his WUSA. Jeremy is infatuated with people named Julian. If not wearing a jean jacket and dark sunglasses in public, Jeremy can often be found with the Jews.

Porter Abbey
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Voice Part: Tenor
Class of 2019 - Major(s):
Minister of F$%*ing New Guys

Porter is the human analog of Michelangelo's statue of David. Porter has 349 likes on his Facebook profile picture. Commenting on this feat previously achieved exclusively by sorority sisters and Armourf$#*&, Porter credited his success to never showering and a frightening intake of cheddar. Porter was the key feature in this year's WUSLAM, performing a vivid and breathtaking reading of his original poem, "My Life is a Vacuum; and it can clean." Porter can often be found on campus with those scoundrels who hammock and play with hula-hoops at festivals without shoes on, as if they own the green party!

Pranav Buggana
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Voice Part: Tenor
Class of 2019 - Major(s):

Pranav Buggana was born in an Indian Village. At the wee age of five, Pranav knew how to fire a bow and arrow. By age 10, Pranav could carve his own canoe and forage for the finest herbs known to Krishna. After a particularly nasty game of slum dog millionaire, Pranav was brutally mauled by a bear for 15 minutes. So he began a perilous journey across miles of dangerous wilderness to track down the men who killed his family. Replacing Rishub as our token Indian, Pranav brings an enthusiasm to The Pikers previously displayed only by lab rats experimented on with cocaine. The bear died by asphyxiation, and it is Pranav's dream to one day grow a mustache.

Drew Ells
Hometown: Blue Bell, PA
Voice Part: Bass
Class of 2019 - Major(s): Chemical Engineering

Although many of The Pikers are very fond of plants, Drew is the sole member of The Pikers who is absolutely obsessed with carnivorous plants. Drew first became fascinated with carnivorous plants after seeing Little Shop Of Horrors as a child. By age 13, Drew had bred over six thousand different types of carnivorous plants. Each day after school, Drew would rush off the bus, head to his room, and begin the daily 4-hour task of feeding flies to all of his plants. As Drew told Carnivorous Plant Weekly, "There is no greater feeling in the world than watching one of my plants consume a house fly" (34). Unfortunately, Drew's career as a botanist was cut short when Drew brought his favorite plant to school for show and tell. When Drew's Math teacher tried to hold Esther, he lost an arm. Drew was sent to the Pennsylvania Children's Correction Facility for the Mentally Insane Obsessed With Plants That Eat Things, where he remains to this day.

RJ Doro
Hometown: McLean, VA
Voice Part: Bass
Class of 2019 - Major(s): (Attempting) Chemical Engineering
Minister of ACAC Prez

RJ was raised by 7 dwarves who forced him to play trumpet for them 24/7 on threat of death. Whenever The Pikers sing a spiritual chant or soulful melody, Randy receives the solo due to the rest of the group's belief that RJ is in fact Randy Jackson. This is not at all racist, as The Pikers are especially diverse this year. Although he does not claim to be the Fresh Prince of Virginia, RJ is the Fresh Prince of Virginia. When asked to speak at the Randy Jackson Fresh Prince of Virginia Rally FOR THE CURE, RJ contributed a single sentence: "I am famished." The crowd, overjoyed to hear an American Idol judge speak, immediately threw him their sandwiches, and RJ was pleased.

Brandon Mendez
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL
Voice Part: Bass
Class of 2019 - Major(s):

Brandon is absolutely infatuated with Poptarts, to the point of concern. He often brings them to class and offers them to his professors, who immediately tell Brandon a poptart won't do jackshit after sleeping through Writing 1 due to a night of "fun times and good vibes for all." Brandon spends all of his time trying to control his 19 pet ducklings, one of which is alarmingly loud, obnoxious and doesn't seem to understand he is not allowed to quack while Brandon teaches music (the ugly duckling is Porter). It has long been rumored but never proven that Brandon has or at least had a girlfriend. After selling his ducks to the highest bidder, Brandon plans to write his memoir and then retire to his hometown of Mexico to search for the lost city of "El Dorado."

JohnJake Mattingly
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Voice Part: Tenor
Class of 2019 - Major(s): Undecided
Prime Minister

John Jake is the sole member and founder of the I.F.I.W.T.F.N. (Institution For Individuals With Two First Names). Citing Ricky Bobby, George Michael, and Elton John as major influences, John Jake has worked extensively throughout his college career to promote his group, while simultaneously bankrupting The Greenleafs by funding the I.F.I.W.T.F.N. with their money (which "exists"). Although John Jake is obsessive about sheep, sadly all the sheep from John Jake's hometown of St. Louis have fled to California. Upon learning of his precious sheep leaving forever, John Jake commented, "Hey man." John Jake also spends his free time filling in as a Christmas tree on the set of St. Louis University High's production of "A Midsummer's Wet Dream."

Anirudh Gandhi
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Voice Part: Tenor
Class of 2020 - Major(s): Undecided


Chudi Mbanefo
Hometown: Northridge, CA
Voice Part: Baritone
Class of 2020 - Major(s): Chemical Engineering
Assistant Minister of Pitch


Paul Krucylak
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Voice Part: Baritone
Class of 2020 - Major(s): Biomedical Engineering


Nathan Marak
Hometown: Shreveport, LA
Voice Part: Tenor
Class of 2020 - Major(s): Political Science


Meet our Alumni

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