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Music is life. We eat it up like tasty hamburgers. If you're a vegetarian, then maybe you can picture tofu burgers or something. Like a river of chocolate, our music exits our mouths and flows through your ears. Warm, running chocolate. Who can resist that?
- Austin Wesevich (Piker '11)

To check out the Pikers discography (album history), click here.

If you have a song you'd like to hear us sing, send us a request.

Here's a list of what you may have heard us singing around campus:


This is what we're currently singing (check them out on our YouTube page):

Flashdance...What a Feeling
Irene Cara
Solo: Michael Hyun Arranger: Matt Hempey
Hotline Bling
Solo: Nate Graham Arranger: Jacob Lee
I Want You To (ft. Greenleafs)
Sara Bereilles
Solo: Jake Mattingly
Olivia Williamson
Arranger: Logan Busch
Little Lion Man
Mumford and Sons
Solo: Mac Slone Arranger: Halline
Lovers in Japan
Solo: Adam Kleiman Arranger: Jacob Lee
MCAT and B School
The Village People
Solo: Jake Mattingly
Jacob Lee
Arranger: Cranin
Jacob Lee
Meet Me in St. Louis
Kerry Mills
Solo: N/A Arranger: Chris Izzo
Depeche Mode
Solo: Andrew Peterson Arranger: Chris Tess
That Lonesome Road
James Taylor
Solo: N/A Arranger: Chris Tess
Under Cover of Darkness
The Strokes
Solo: Jeremy Shapiro Arranger: Chris Seager
Less Fresh

We can sing this stuff, too, if you're into it. These songs are available by request:

Alma Mater
Solo: N/A Arranger: N/A
Lionel Richie
Solo: Michael Hyun Arranger: Rishub Keelara
National Anthem
Francis Scott Key
Solo: N/A Arranger: The Pikers
Oh Canada
Class of 2018
Solo: N/A Arranger: Jacob Lee

We don't sing these songs anymore, but you can still find videos of some of them on YouTube.

Ah Leah
Donnie Iris
Solo: Adam Kleiman Arranger: Chris Seager
Ain't No Sunshine
Bill Withers
Solo: Robbie Gottlieb Arranger: Aaron Pang
Rishub Keelara
All of Me
John Legend
Solo: Ben Auerbach Arranger: Kris Sladky
All The Above
Maino ft. T-Pain
Solo: Zach Gale
Aaron Pang (rap)
Arranger: Chris Halline
Solo: Greg Comanor Arranger: Kris Sladky
Solo: Chris Izzo Arranger: Pat Fahey
Blink-182 Medley
Solo: Chris Izzo
Josh Smith
Spencer Romo
Nils Kjos
Arranger: Josh Smith
Byker Hill
Solo: Ensemble Arranger: Kris Sladky
Can't Hold Us
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Solo: Josh Smith/Rishub Keelara/Josh Rose Arranger: Josh Smith
Change Gonna Come
Sam Cooke
Solo: Rishub Keelara Arranger: Rishub Keelara
Sufjan Stevens
Solo: David Binstock Arranger: Erick Lee
Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd
Solo: Arranger: Steve Bogart
Solo: Zach Dumey Arranger: Peter Yen
Don't Let Me Fall
Solo: Aaron Pang
David Binstock (rap)
Josh Smith (rap)
Arranger: Josh Smith
Down Medley
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne
Solo: Chethan Rao
Aditya Nath
Robbie Gottlieb
Arranger: Patrick Knight
Down On the Corner
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Solo: Matt Jarvey Arranger: Bobby Owen
Everybody Talks
Neon Trees
Solo: Zach Gale Arranger: Eitan Babcock
Eye of the Tiger Mash-Up
Survivor, Destiny's Child, Stevie Nicks
Solo: Robbie Gottlieb
Zach Gale
David Binstock
Arranger: David Binstock
Alicia Keys
Solo: Rishub Keelara Arranger: Katherine Bodor
Fat Bottomed Girls
Solo: Spencer Romo Arranger: Kris Sladky
Solo: Nils Kjos
Adam Kleiman
Arranger: Chris Izzo
Hey Ya
Solo: Tim Taylor Arranger: Patrick Knight
Hip To Be Square
Huey Lewis and the News
Solo: Peter Yen Arranger: Michael Wong
Hold It Against Me
Britney Spears
Solo: Adam Trebach
Spencer Romo
Arranger: Chris Izzo
Hooked on a Feeling
BJ Thomas
Solo: Micajah Dudley Arranger: Kris Sladky
If I Ever Fall in Love
Solo: Troy Cosey
Chuka Chike-Obi
Arranger: Austin Wesevich
If You're Into It
Flight of the Conchords
Solo: Austin Wesevich
Chris Izzo
Arranger: Patrick Knight
In The Air Tonight
Phil Collins
Solo: Adam Trebach Arranger: Chris Izzo
In the Still of the Night
Boyz II Men
Solo: Chethan Rao Arranger: Austin Wesevich
It's So Hard to Say
Goodbye to Yesterday

Boyz II Men
Solo: Chethan Rao
Austin Wesevich
Arranger: Bobby Owen
Little Lion Man
Mumford & Sons
Solo: Nils Kjos Arranger: David Binstock
Chris Halline
Love Today
Solo: Adam Trebach (Staples) Arranger: Austin Wesevich
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
Billy Joel
Solo: Arranger: Kris Sladky
Man Who Never Lied
Maroon 5
Solo: Zach Gale Arranger: Eitan Babcock
Natural Disaster
Zac Brown Band
Solo: Chris Izzo Arranger: Josh Smith
Older Lover Undercover
Jason Mraz
Solo: Zachary Gale Arranger: Patrick Knight
One Day
Solo: Austin Wesevich Arranger: Chris Izzo
Only The Good Die Young
Billy Joel
Solo: Zach Gale Arranger: Chris Izzo
Pinball Wizard
The Who
Solo: Adam Trebach (Staples) Arranger: David Binstock
Prayer of the Children
Kurt Bestor & Sam Cardon
Solo: Arranger: Austin Wesevich
Safety Dance
Men Without Hats
Solo: Tim Taylor Arranger: Matt Hempey
Safety Dance
Men Without Hats
Solo: Josh Smith Arranger: Matt Hempey
Say Goodbye
Dave Matthews Band
Solo: Patrick Knight Arranger: Andrew Lehrer
Secret Agent Man
Johnny Rivers
Solo: Adam Trebach (Staples) Arranger: David Binstock
Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Solo: Micajah Dudley Arranger: Patrick Knight
Stacy's Mom
Fountains of Wayne
Solo: Austin Wesevich
Patrick Knight
Arranger: Michael Wong
Sweet Annie
Zac Brown Band
Solo: Ben Auerbach Arranger: Kris Sladky
Butch Walker and the Black Widows
Solo: Chris Seager Arranger: Aaron Pang
T-Pain Medley
T-Pain, duh
Solo: Arranger: Austin Wesevich
Tainted Love
Soft Cell
Solo: Aditya Nath Arranger: Michael Wong
The Chain
Fleetwood Mac
Solo: Ensemble Arranger: Chris Izzo
The Greatest Man that Ever Lived
Solo: Patrick Knight Arranger: Chris Izzo
The Scientist
Solo: Patrick Knight Arranger: Kris Sladky
The Walk
Mayer Hawthorne
Solo: Wesley Hsu Arranger: Kris Sladky
Michael Jackson
Solo: Chethan Rao Arranger: Pat Fahey
Tonight (Best You Ever Had)
John Legend
Solo: Rishub Keelara
Josh Smith (rap)
Arranger: Kris Sladky
Used to Love You
John Legend
Solo: Zach Gale Arranger: Patrick Knight
Waving Flag
Solo: Adam Trebach
Austin Wesevich
Arranger: Patrick Knight
We Built This City
Jefferson Starship
Solo: Spencer Romo Arranger: Kris Sladky
What the Water Gave Me
Florence and the Machine
Solo: Chris Seager Arranger: Chris Izzo
Boyz II Men
Solo: Arranger: Patrick Knight
Youth Medley
Youth Group
Frank Sinatra
Solo: David Binstock
Austin Wesevich
Josh Smith
Arranger: Austin Wesevich

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